4 Best Personal Finance Resources for Women

3 min read Posted by admin on 11/10/2021

What’s the best way to get your finances in order as a modern woman? You could read blogs, watch YouTube videos, and sign up for sites like Mint. But if you really want to understand personal finance inside out – it takes more than just articles on the internet. A good place to start is with a course that will teach you how money works from scratch, all while keeping it interesting and helping you build skills along the way. We’ve compiled 4 of our favourite in-depth resources perfect for women who are looking to better understand their finances.

1. MoneyGirl’s – First 6 Steps to Financial Independence  

Format: Online Course 

Duration: 6 weeks 

Costs: AU$359 

Enrolment Deadline: Monday 5 pm, 11 October 

MoneyGirl’s First 6 Steps to Financial Independence is an evidence-based financial education program designed for young women located in Australia, developed by Australia’s leading financial experts. The course consists of 6 workshops over the span of 6 weeks, each one covering one topic that is a key building block in your path to achieving financial freedom: Everyday Money Management, Income Tax, Superannuation, Credit & Debit, Investing 101 and Money & Relationships. 

2. Ladies Finance Club – Investing in the share market for beginners 

Format: Video Course 

Duration: 40 videos 

Cost: $197 

The Ladies Finance Club’s Investing in the share market for beginners’ course is a three-part program designed to take its students through the basics of investing, such as compound interest, inflation, different asset classes, risk, return and diversification, direct investment and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). The course takes a beginner-friendly, jargon-free approach in order to help women gain enough financial literacy to make good investing decisions for themselves. 

3. Women Talk Money 

Format: Video Course 

Cost: Free 

Women Talk Money is a resource hub created by WIRED – an information and support service for women in Victoria, Australia. The resources were created under video and written content format, with an attached quiz at the end of each video to help the audience better retain knowledge. The topics covered to introduce the audience towards the more hidden and sophisticated aspects of finances for women, from the impact of money on relationships, the finances involved in different milestones (I.e moving in together with a partner, getting married, retiring, taking a break from work and splitting up with your partner/spouse), to more challenging topics such as financial abuse and gender inequality in finances. 

4. She’s on the money  

Format: Podcast 

Cost: Free 

She’s on the Money podcast shares personal finance resources and knowledge, such as budgeting, financial goal setting and debt reduction. The podcast authors – Victoria and Georgia – are passionate about empowering women to take charge of their finances and start making smart money decisions for their future – and they aim to bring their financial expertise to do just that!  

“It’s like having a cocktail with a girlfriend.” – but imagine a financial savvy girlfriend that wants what is best for you and your finances.