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Using MiGain to organize your life.

The MiGain portfolio management software has all the tools to help you manage your wealth and meet your financial goals. From organizing your shares, property and cash management to preparing everything needed for your tax return, MiGain handles all the big and small tasks so you can stay organized and in control.

Save time and money and discover how MiGain can help you with complex capital activities such as stock split, de-merger, bonus, capital returns and much more. MiGain provides clear visibility of all your investments anytime & anywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions


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Do I need to give my credit card for the trial?

No. You can sign up for a trial without giving your credit card details.

How long is my free trial?

60 days. We will contact you once you are close to the end of your trial to make sure you have setup your portfolio and are getting value from our platform.

Does MiGain manage properties as well as my share portfolio?

Yes. You can manage your investment properties and your shares in the MiGain solution.

How many portfolios can MiGain manage?

Essentially, it's unlimited. But if you have more than 100 portfolios, you should get in contact with us.

Is MiGain integrated with accounting software such as XERO?

Not at this point, but this functionality is coming. We are building integrations with a number of brokers, management platforms and accounting systems.

Does MiGain provide all the reporting I need for tax time?

Whilst MiGain can’t do your tax for you, it provides a comprehensive report that can be handed to your accountant to make tax preparation much simpler.

Can I manage investments that are not on the ASX in MiGain?

Yes, however the ASX is the only index that has a pricing feed and will automatically update your portfolio value. But you can update the value of your investments simply within MiGain.

Does MiGain automatically integrate to my bank for cash transactions?

At this stage, you will need to upload your statements via our easy import function. Direct integration will be coming soon.

Will my buy sell transactions be automatically updated in my portfolio?

Yes, just email your contract directly to your “auto-update” email address and your portfolio will be updated for you. Note this functionality is only for select brokers at this point (Commsec, Self Wealth, NAB and Westpac)

How much does MiGain cost?

Please refer to https://migain.com.au for pricing.